Regions of Puerto Rico

Eastern Region

The eastern region is the favorite for Nature lovers and water sport enthusiasts. There are so many destinations and endless activities in cities. Some of the favored locations to visit on the east coast are Fajardo, Humacao, Luquillo and Rio Grande. 

Central Region

The central Region of Puerto Rico is a must see tourist destination. There is a panoramic highway that divides the highway and meanders through the highest points of elevation on the Island. The central region offers some of the world’s most amazing panoramic views, hidden local restaurants and waterfalls on the side of the road you can dive into for a refreshing swim. 

Northern Region

The Northern Region of Puerto Rico is home to the famous Dorado Beach Region. Established by the Rockefeller family in the 1920’s; it is home to the worlds first Ritz Carllton Reserve Six Star Resort. Dorado is a quiet little resort tourism community surrounded by must see spots such as Arecibo, Isabella and some of the Islands most scenic beaches. It has many points of historical and cultural interest, as well as areas of great natural beauty.

South Region

The southern region is one of the more diverse regions of the Island. Home to one of the larger metropolitan regions, Ponce, the Southern region boasts some of the best medical and educational facilities on the Island. You will also find some favorite tourist destinations such as the Rum distilleries, coffee plantations and historic homes and museums. One attraction that is not to be missed is the Cabo Rojo light house. Words will not do this magical sunset justice. It is a bucket list item..